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Trichology is the ultimate hair loss treatment that combines organic herbal remedies, science, and state of the art technology to help improve the health of the scalp and promote hair growth. It is a 60 minute treatment that works to fully cleanse the scalp, decrease stress, and provide nutrition to improve the scalp's health to optimal condition.

Many hair thinking and hair loss problems can be traced back to increased stress, unhealthy lifestyle choices, or products that fail to clean the pores and surface of the scalp. Any of the above can contribute to the build up of oil and sweat that can clog hair pores. This causes waste to be trapped within the follicle, which leads to the weakening of the hair follicle's strength and increases the number of hairs that fall from the scalp prematurely.

This course is specifically designed to develop and enhance the knowledge, skills and ability to help treat the hair problems that are experienced by many people. Trichology is an enhanced treatment that would be a great revenue source for salons and spas!


Trichology Training

Cosmetologists, do you want to get to the ROOT of hair problems and provide your customers with complete solutions for promoting health hair? Now is the time to take your career to the next level with Trichology.

Learn to Earn - the beauty industry is always challenged to find solutions that will provide results that are both healthy and affordable. To anyone experiencing hair thinking, hair loss, or scalp disorders - we have a solution for you!

Take Your Business to the Next Level with Trichology

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  • Stylists
  • Salon/Spa Owners
  • Beauty Industry Professionals
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Leaders and Educators


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Industry Partnership

The Tressential is well respected global brand in hair loss treatment category. It has wide range of partnership that includes Damo Life and Health, Two Pillar Co., and Bella Crown, a non-surgical hair loss treatment.

The Tressential works closely with large group of scholars from the academia and medicine. We participate actively in research and development with wide range of industry professionals. 


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  • What is the Trichology?

    Trichology is a set of cosmetology services that promotes healthier hair growth. It is not a medical service, nor a newly developed study. In fact, it is a 110 year old practice that was first introduced by The Institute of Trichologists in London. The Institute defines trichology as “the science of the structure, function and diseases of the human hair.” It goes on to say, “Clinical trichology is the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and disorders of the human hair and scalp.”

    If you read just this definition you may mistake it for a medical service which only licensed doctors can perform. In reality, it is an unregulated wellness service that can be preformed by almost anyone, provided they have some level of training. Ideally, the treatment would be provided as a part of a cosmetology service.

    When trichology was first introduced, a group of doctors, scientists and cosmetologists foresaw it as a separate medical specialty. But since the study of the hair and scalp overlaps with the study of dermatology, it failed to get recognized as such. In 1972, with the help of Dr. David Salinger, the University of Southern California reviewed studies of trichology but came to a similar conclusion.

    Despite this disappointing outcome, The Institute of Trichologists continues to train trichologists, and many well-trained trichologists are providing professional services throughout the world. Some work side by side with dermatologists, and others are operating their own non-medical clinics. Trichology rests in a liminal space, not classified as medical nor purely cosmetic. It is partially due to this lack of classification that trichology has not attained popularity.

  • What is the difference between conventional Trichology and Herbal Trichology?

    Herbal Trichology is a therapeutic supplemental service to dermatology, similarly as Physical Therapy service to Orthopedic. Herbal Trichology identify itself as a part of cosmetology culture rather than medical services. It focuses on root causes of hair loss rather than treating hair loss symptoms. In help with modern technology, the holistic remedies that has been used thousands of years and acupressure, results are clear and consumers worldwide falling in love with the Herbal Trichology. 

    More than 100 years ago, a few medical professionals had tried to include Trichology as a part of medical specialty, but it was rejected since it cross over with the dermatology. Even after the rejection, some continue the course and provides services. With lengthy, 4-year full-time course, the trichologists offer excellent therapeutic services to clients. 

    But in truth, there are only a handful (less than 10 trichologists in U.S. to be more specific) who completed 4-years or more of training. Most others took a few days of training from them or some hasn't even step in a classroom and claims him/herself to be a trichologists. With lack of clients satisfaction, conventional trichology failed to capture the hearts of the public. 

    About 10 years ago; trichology was introduced in Asia, specifically Korea and Japan, countries well known for their herbal medicines and treatments. Their traditional medicine, which combines herbal extracts, acupuncture and therapeutic massages (Jihop), has been proven over several thousand years of practice. In fact, large numbers of modern drugs have been developed based on their traditional medicine.

    Asian scholars and cosmetologists saw the potential of trichology and began incorporating the conventionally developed trichology of the UK with Asian traditional therapy. The result was explosive. Within the first 3 years more than 25,000 trichology centers opened in Korea alone, and the numbers are still growing rapidly. The service fees range from $50 to about $150 for a 1-hour session, and millions of consumers visit these trichology centers regularly.

  • Why did the Herbal Trichology Succeeded?

    “I think it is mostly because academia and the beauty industry worked hand in hand from the beginning. These sound infrastructures helped generate a large number of well trained trichologists in a relatively short period of time and developing scientific theories and reliable products at the university level, in cooperation with corporate,” said Professor Noh Young-hee at Konyang University, the school that pioneered Medical-beauty, incorporating medical aspects into beauty culture.

    During the past decade, Noh and a number of scholars have published more than 70 books on trichology. The study of trichology is now included as a part of cosmetology studies in more than 140 colleges and Universities in Korea alone, including the private institutions. There are thousands of new trichologists entering the market each year.

    In addition to the strong support of academia, the scientists who studied traditional medicine made a huge impact when they merged the modern science of trichology with the benefits of the herbal science from Asia. Fueled by the enthusiastic consumers, and with a proven track record, the herbal trichology service is likely to spread like wild fire into North America and Europe.

  • How reliable is herbal remedies?

    The human history is old. Compared to the long history of humanity, the modern science is only a few hundreds of years old.

    Interestingly, even the modern medicine is young and evolved from the traditional medicine, which relies heavily on herbal extracts and techniques, many of us like to believe that reliable remedies must come from the science labs and assembly lines.

    Traditional herbal science is proven reliable, and nature's own remedy offers solutions without the side-effects that we see often in modern science.  

  • How can I become an Herbal Trichologist?

    To fit today's busy cosmetologists' schedule, the course is designed in combination of classroom works, on-demand video lectures, and a textbook with study aids via internet.

    Step 1: 5 days of hands-on classroom training.
    Since most stylists have busy schedule towards the end of the weeks, classes are scheduled only on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. You will learn how to perform basic routine trichology services. The objectivity is to train you well enough for to you to perform service to your client immediately after this 5-day training. Upon completing Step 1, you will be certified as a Trichology Practitioner who can perform routine services without client consultation.

    Step 2: Internship.
    Internship is not mandatory but we strongly suggest that you work under the supervision of a senior Trichologist for a period. You may charge clients during the internship and earn while fine-tuning your skills.

    Step 3: On-demand video lectures.
    There are about 30 video lectures. Each is about 1 hour long. You can take this lecture (theory part of course) on video at your own time. After each lecture, you must pass each chapter test on computer with the aids of your textbook. Other study materials and video clips are provided via internet.

    Step 4: Certification
    Once you complete entire lectures and chapters, a certificate and professional membership will be given. The carrier development training requires a life-time of learning and sharing knowledge with others. Continue education programs and seminars will be offered to the certified trichologists.

    Please visit "Program" section of our website to read more detail.