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Our training programs are designed with busy cosmetologist's schedule in mind. Upon completing first part of the course in five (5) days, you will be able to perform general trichology service, as a licensed Trichology Practitioner.

While servicing clients, you have an option to take second part of the course which deals with textbook and lectures. This is online course with complete set of video lectures and study material. 


Teaching is a big responsibility in any education program. An instructor must fully understand the subjects and deliver precise information to the students and help them to understand it easier and better. It takes a life time efforts and dedication. For this reason, we invite only the qualified and experienced trichologist to consider becoming an instructor.


In partnership with BBIM Institute - a research, education, and publishing institute for beauty industry, Tressential provides the Retail Beauty Consultant course. These courses are designed to prepare the student to serve as a professional retail beauty consultant at a various retail stores. Including: Beauty supplies, makeup departments, or the beauty sections of variety department stores, etc.


In partnership with BBIM Institute - a research, education, and publishing institute for beauty industry, Tressential provides the Wig Specialist Training course. 

Hair Prosthesis is an alternative hair replacement system that can aid patients who suffer hair loss due to medical reasons or general consumer for their religious purpose to a custom made wigs for a perfect fitting. Wigs in other ways are generally worn as a fashion and cosmetic purpose to enhance the beauty of a person.

Straight Facts

  • I Like to Get Certified, Which Course Should I Choose?

    With growing number of hair loss clients, more salon professionals are looking into Trichology. When you Google "trichology certificate courses", you will notice there are quite a few websites claiming to teach trichology.

    Some courses offer 4-year or 2-year program while another offers 1 day program.  It can be quite confusing to choose which courses to take. But if you look at the facts and facts only, you your choice can be clear. So, let's talk about the facts.

    FACT 1:
    Herbal Trichology Succeeded, Where Conventional Trichology Failed
    - There are more than 100,000 herbal trichology centers worldwide and there are only a handful conventional trichology centers.

    FACT 2:
    Tressential has Reliable Clinical Data. Who Else Has the Data to Back Their Claim?
    - More than 140 colleges and universities teaching Herbal Trichology worldwide.

    FACT 3:
    More than 18 million Clients Received Herbal Trichology Services Worldwide. How Many Client Records Do They Have?
    - The number of clients and their return ratio shows level of satisfaction. 8 out of 10 clients come back for more Herbal Trichology service. Only a handful of clients return to conventional trichology.

    FACT 4:
    Herbal Trichology Offers Complete Line of Service Equipments, Supplies, Training Manuals (Textbooks) and State-of-Art Classrooms. Do They Even Have Textbooks to Teach?
    - Tressential is only company in U.S. who offers complete line of equipments, service products, and supplies. We are in process of opening retail showrooms, service trial centers, and classrooms in all major cities throughout the country. Check to see if we are in your area at www.BellaCrown.com.

    FACT 5:
    Herbal Trichology Offers Alternative Hair Replacement Systems. How About the Others?
    - Until hair is fully grown or for the clients who suffers permanent hair loss, alternative hair replacement systems are essential. As a full service Trichologist, you must have an option to offer these systems. Herbal Trichology at Bella Crown are only company who provides complete line of hair systems.

    FACT 6:
    Herbal Trichology is Accredited and Offered at 140 Colleges and Universities. Has Other Courses Even Registered with Their State Government Agencies?
    - State governments strictly governs the carrier development programs and courses to protect public interest. The Tressential, in partnership with BBIM Institute who provides Retail Beauty Consultant courses and Wig Specialists (Custom Wigs and Medical Wigs) courses, works closely with licensing departments in many states.

    FACT 7:
    Herbal Trichology Course is Designed Practically and Sensibly. It Doesn't Take 4-years, nor Nonsense 1-day training. - Unlike college courses, carrier development training courses must fit busy cosmetologists schedule. At the same time, training course must prepare each student to perform professional level of services. Herbal Trichology course is designed in combination of classroom, textbook aided by internet media, and on-demand video lectures. It is most well designed course of its kind. Don't be fooled by cheap scam.