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Science Before Science
Modern medicine is young compare to the human history. There was science before science, medicine before medicine. If our old science was wrong, we wouldn't be here today.
The synthetic medicine has its benefits while herbal medicine has its own benefits. If synthetic medicine works on a point, the herbs work on foundation. It helps our body to heal itself.
Herbal Trichology
We believe beautiful hair grows on a healthier scalp. Not with harsh chemicals but with natural herbs. Not the herbs from far away but from your backyard. It's so near.

Science before Science

How did our ancestors survive that long without the drug stores? Why is there more cancer patients now than ever before? Thanks to modern science, we live longer. But longer life with blood pressure, diabetes, breast cancer, colon cancer, and all sorts of illnesses. More people suffering from allergies. Perhaps we flooded our bodies with synthetic substances that we call revolutionary science?
While modern science brought us lots of benefits, it also brought us lots of side-effects. It is essential to correct our course of life. We must recognize the science we had before science. Balance old science with new.

One with the earth?

Each herb or essential oil has its unique medicinal values. 129 years after Bayer discovered Aspirin from the willow tree bark, the scientists are still making new discoveries from the Willow tree bark each year. The life and nature around us are complex beyond our scientific wisdom. Amazingly, 279 years before Bayer discovered his Aspirin, Hu-joon published a medical book, Dong Eui Bo Gam (Korean Medicine) and described similar discovery. It is very likely that someone else a thousand years before Hu-joon also knew to chew willow tree bark to relieve his pain.
While each herb or essential oil has its unique property, it actually works when different herbs mix harmoniously. While only the licensed Herbal medical doctors can prescribe the mix, it is priceless for you to learn about each herb based on your health concern.

Japanese Honeysuckle

Sophora Root

Licorice Root

Ruffa Cylidrica

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